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Round-Robin: Efflux Lab (Formal Report)

Michael jordan Hunter, Yianni Dres, Endy Lau

Section: W2-805

Teacher Maase

November 26, 2013


The purpose of the efflux lab test is to identify the time it will take a liquid to drain from a particular height within a tank through an exit pipe under the influence of the law of gravity. The time it takes to completely drain the tank from one indicate another is usually dependent on the exit pipe's height plus the inner diameter. Other factors including frictional makes, pressure and velocity could also contribute to the efflux time. The first aim in this experiment is to decide efflux times during the water based on a varieties of pipes. These efflux times will probably be compared to calculated theoretical beliefs through the use of Bernoulli's equation1. The 2nd objective is to determine the result that plumbing of different diameters and extent have upon efflux occasions. We will be watching data from your 70 equal on the tank to the 56 in line (Figure 3).


Constriction and friction loss are minimal.

Standard room temperature was 25 °C and atmospheric pressure was 2, 116. 8 lb/ft2 Normal friction of water (µ = 5. 98 x 10-4 lb/f*s) and density of water (ρ = sixty two. 4 lb/ft3) PA = PB (pressure), and ZB = 0 ft (height), Velocity agent (α) = 0 Combination sectional location is much more than that of the pipe (VA 4000). Once the type of stream was labeled as turbulent, the thrashing flow efflux time equation was used to calculate the theoretical efflux time. This is represented by the equation: t= (1. 6th + )1/2 ()1/2[(h1+L)1/2 – (h2-L)1/2] [3]. With this equation BY is the cross-sectional area of the conduit, AP may be the cross-sectional area of the pipe, M is the entire pipe, H1 and H2 are the starting and stop level, and g is the gravitational constant. Considering that the calculated Reavg > 4000, it was turbulent. The efflux time was after that calculated using the derived Bernoulli equation (Equation 3) the primary formula used to estimate the theoretical efflux time. Along get back, the percent error between the observed efflux time and the calculated assumptive efflux time was calculated with the aid of the equation: [4]. For this formula, TTheo may be the calculated theoretical efflux some TAct is definitely the observed genuine efflux time. Procedure:

The process used in this kind of experiment is summarized below. A more specific standard operating procedure are located in Appendix Electronic in the specialized appendix record. The start up of the process consisted of picking and marking pipes to become used in the experiment (Figure 1). For each pipe, the inner diameter and length were measured using a ruler and a go caliper. The tank was also put directly over a drain to catch the falling water. To begin the experiment, one of many pipes was screwed in the water holding tank. The tank was filled into a desired elevation of 70 inch when someone obstructed the end in the pipe to stop water from leaking. Once the water was at the maximum level, the stopwatch started simultaneously with the person the person that removed their very own hand in the exit. The stopwatch ended every 2 inch and was stopped completely for 56 in . (Figure 3). Data was collected at every stop and was repeated for the other pipes. Once all of the pipes were tested, all of the leftover drinking water was taken off the reservoir and poured into the drain. All of the pipes were taken from the container and put back on the rack in which they were discovered. Any leaking water was cleaned plan a mop..

Figure one particular: Lab Equipment Figure 2: Experimented Plumbing

Figure: Substance Height Leader w/ 2” interval

Desk 2: Experimented Pipe Measurements

Pipe #

Top Span (cm)

Bottom Length (cm)

Total Duration (cm)

Size (cm)





zero. 8

a couple of

7. 3

69. two

76. a few

1 . 0625





1 . thirty six



68. your five

76. your five


3 L (Long)

7. 5

21. five


1 ) 36

several S (Small)


Referrals: 1 . Cengel,,. Y., & Cimbala, M. M. (2014). Fluid Mechanics: Fundamentals and Applications. New york city: McGraw-Hill.

installment payments on your Sherine Dao, Dhir Patel, and Thao Tran: Efflux Time for an army tank and a Pipe Pre-Lab: November 3rd, 2013


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