Essay regarding The Tundra Ecosystem

The Arctic Tundra ecosystem

Arctic tundra is situated in the north hemisphere, encompassing the North Pole and extending south to the coniferous forests of the taiga. The arctic is known due to its cold, desert-like conditions.

All the plants happen to be adapted to sweeping winds and disruptions of the soil. Plants happen to be short and group collectively to avoid the chilly temperatures and therefore are protected by snow during the winter. They can carry out the natural photosynthesis at low temperatures and low light features. The growing seasons are short and the most plants duplicate by budding and section rather than sexually by its heyday. The microorganisms in the arctic are also different:

* Herbivorous mammals: lemmings, effractions, musk oxen, caribou, arctic hares and squirrels * Carnivorous mammals: arctic foxes, wolves, and polar contains * Migratory birds: ravens, snow buntings, falcons, loons, sandpipers, terns, snow birds, and different species of gulls * Bugs: mosquitoes, lures, moths, grasshoppers, black flies and arctic bumble bees * Seafood: cod, flatfish, salmon, and trout

Pets are adapted to handle very long, cold winters and to breed and increase young quickly in the summer. Lizards and amphibians are handful of or lack of because of the incredibly cold temperatures. Also due to constant migration and emigration, the population constantly oscillates.

Abiotic Factors:

* Strong Winds

* little precipitation and rain fall

* brief summer times

* lengthy and chilly winters

5. poor soil

* permafrost-a layer of permanently frosty subsoil

Biotic Factors:

5. Plants like Heaths and mosses have to adapt to the very long and cold winters because the sunshine does not appear in the winter. * During the high seasons, when esturine habitat abound on the arctic tundra, mosquitoes and flies offer important food for the various migratory wild birds.

Primary buyers include: lemmings, voles, caribou, insects, arctic hares, and also squirrels which usually feed on the...


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