Essay regarding The Nature of Developmental Processes


The Nature of Developmental Processes

Angela M. Pintos



Cerro Avenida Community College or university


The objective of this function is to clarify and describe the developmental processes of people. Define significant phases in a person's lifespan such as the natural, cognitive and socioemotional procedures. Also, check out the different durations of development from conception through adulthood, as well as the importance and value of age. Previous, it identifies the issues that may occur during the development of these processes because of the many diverse changes and individual faces throughout a lifespan.

Keywords: developmental processes, life-span, biological, intellectual, socioemotional, relevance of age and issues

The size of Developmental Procedures

The term " developmental processes” explores the several stages and changes someone experiences by conception to late adult life. There are two particular principles that provide a platform to better understand and describe could be development. Additionally , certain concerns arise during these processes of life which can make it a very complex subject matter.

I. Developmental Processes

a. Definition

b. Biological, Cognitive and Socioemotional Procedures

II. Intervals of Expansion

a. The periods or age of lifespan

i. Sociable Construction

3. Developmental Problems

a. Nature vs . Foster

b. Steadiness and Change

c. Continuity and Discontinuity

The Nature of Developmental Techniques

Developmental processes can be described as a pattern of changes that begin for conception and continue through adulthood. The nature of development requires different biological, cognitive and socioemotional processes. At the same time grow older periods function as chronological information as to the moment certain occasions are expected to take place in an individual's life. Alternatively, developmental concerns explain how a nature or nurture concern can effect a person's lifestyle. Also the soundness and change concern explains how early encounters persist during life. And last, the continuity and discontinuity concern gives details and explains the degree to which development involves gradual, cumulative or distinct stages. Processes used to illustrate these alterations and the progression in an person's lifespan is often rather complex in respect to Santrock (2012), " The design is complex because it is the product of biological, cognitive, and socioemotional processes” (p. 15). The neurological changes that take place in a person's life are of physical nature; genetics inherited via parents as well as the development of the brain are just some of the examples that occur through the biological procedure. Another important period is the cognitive process which will refers to the changes an individual activities in believed, intelligence and language. Previous, the socioemotional process which is an individual's conversation with other folks which also involves within emotion and personality. An example is the laugh of an toddler in response towards the gesture of affection from her/his parents or maybe a family relative. Although these are all impartial processes they may be correlated and connected with one another. As a result, that they serve as a platform, give explanation or perhaps respond to processes of each level. In addition to the neurological, cognitive and socioemotional processes, the developmental or era periods as well play a part; this refers to a time frame within an individual's lifestyle characterized by certain features or events. The prenatal period begins coming from (conception to birth); infancy (birth to age 3); the preschool period (ages 3 to 6); middle section childhood (ages 6 to 12) teenage years (ages doze to 20); young adulthood (ages 20 to 40); middle adulthood (ages forty to 65); and past due adulthood (age 65 to death). You need to mention that these time periods are only social improvements Berk...

Sources: Berk, L. (2011). В Exploring Lifespan DevelopmentВ (Second ed. ). Pearson.

Santrock, J. (2012). В Life-span developmentВ (Fourteenth ed. ). New York: McGraw-Hill.


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