Essay about Rural compared to Urban

' ' ' ' ' 'rural livelihood in india

' ' ' ' 'Rural sustenance activities are outside properties ' ' ' ' '

Countryside livelihood entails living with and being sustained by nature.. By way of example farmer

5. farming

* herding

* angling

* off-farm employment,

2. exploitation of natural solutions through hunting and gathering. * forest product collection

* girls does residence hold jobs

It is varied but straightforward livelihood tactics

Agriculture and food creation plays a significant role

Child labor is usually not prevalent

Some method of jobs are inherited.. blacksmith, carpenter, goldsmith etc ..

People here perform jobs that you can do in their nearby area

People are nature primarily based and generally self employed

Street food merchant, Specialized companies like senior years homes, day care, glamor structured to suit the lifestyle are not generally found in this article

At present different government strategies like Rajiv Gandhi Rozgar yojana, Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Job Guarantee Plan etc gives interim salary opportunities

You will discover not many Analysis and health care sectors


' ' ' ' 'Urban livelihoods will be inside properties ' ' ' ' '

Urban is definitely city centered living By way of example: IT expert

* relaxed trading

2. wage getting jobs in the us government and private offices

* Essentially education/knowledge centered

* Women and men activities are very different,

2. Sometimes self-employed,

* paperwork or professional jobs.

2. Women take part in petty transact or streets food snack

Urban livelihoods are intricate and not very easily characterized.

Metropolitan agriculture would not play a large role in urban livelihood

Child labor exists in poor families

Very less gift of money.. except between business groupings

They mainly work a long way away from their homes

They work for other people and earn an income

Road food supplier,

Specialized solutions like senior years homes, nursery, glamour structured to suit the life-style serve as livelihood means. Former mate:...


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