Essay about Questionnaire about Jeweller Promoting

Supervision Thesis

A comparative research on the card holder's preference to branded jewelry over non branded jewelry in Nasik QUESTIONNAIRE NUMBER ___



Howdy, I am ____________________. We am a primary year pupil of supervision pursuing my own MBA from............................ As a part of my own curriculum I have to undertake a survey within the given subject. All the information we collect can be strictly intended for study purpose and will be dealt with at most privacy. This survey would have only 12 mins of your energy. Name:

Telephone number: Era:

1) Elements that assist you while purchasing jewellery?

Design and style Price Purity Brand Photo

VarietyDisplay Promotions and offers

ServiceFamily and friends effect

2) Have you considered the various jewelry brands available for sale? Yes Simply no

3) Tick against the brands that you are aware of in the jewellery market Alelado TanishqTakle Bafna

4) You acquire jewellery for…

Investment FashionOccasionsFestivals

5) Which jewellery do you prefer?

Brand name Family Jewelry expert

6) Have you bought any brand name jewellery?

Yes Simply no

7) Will you buy jewellery for gifting purpose?

Yes No

8) Where you prefer to buy the jewellery by (for gifting)? Branded Family Jeweler

9) Given below are few attributes of traditional family jeweler's (or neighborhood jewellery price tag stores). You should give every single characteristic several points depending on your assessment, such that the points cover anything from 1 to 10. (1 being the lowest and twelve being the highest). Qualities of Relatives Jeweler's| Volume of points

Convenient | В

Trustworthy| В

Good Investment| В

Price| В

Classic design| В

10) If you purchase brand name jewellery after that given below are some characteristics. Please give every single characteristic several points based upon your evaluation, such that the points...


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