Essay about pag kaadik sa essasy sa moral recovery

п»їMoral recovery

> the study offers an idea in qualifying quite qualities from the Filipino individuals's it includes the various dimensions of the development in community and national levels. The morality of human being acts. Is usually an important consideration in picking widely the correct values being promoted for the ultimate aim of human lifestyle. General Targets

> to distinguish the significance in the moral innovations proper for those in particular world, especially in our country. > all Filipino believe in the importance of values in the individual acts as this is an important concern in deciding on proper values to be caused for the greatest purpose of human existence. > All Philippine parents hope to pass their children the beliefs and phrases of knowledge that have been passed to all of them. > But no matter how the parents would like to insulate the positive or the right beliefs, their environment could effect their children as their values are captured and not trained.

Difference between morals and values

Morals> is a standard of patterns and it is the caliber of human works by which they can be constituted as good, bad or indifferent. Values> are the ideals toward with personal behavioral conformity must be directed. Several categories of Beliefs

1 . Personal values

Are principles that define you while an individual?

2 . Cultural ideals

Like the practice of your trust and persuits are guidelines that sustain connections with your cultural origins. 3. Sociable Values

Happen to be principles that indicate how you will relate significantly to others in social circumstances including these involving friends and family, friends, and co-workers? 5. Work beliefs

Are principles that guidebook your patterns in specialist context.

The Filipino principles

Values root the behavior like a Filipino.

1 . Pity (awa)> is a Christian virtue that encourages poor concern another. it can be circumunicated as a result of " pakikiusap”. This well generate a person sensitive to the needs of others. Pity also encourages decency. 2 . Shame(hiya) > that regulates behavior and provides adherence to standards. Even though it challenges the folks to do their best to avoid humiliation (mapahiya) it can make them hypersensitive and pull away, so people who find themselves put to pity before others can be violent and my personal nature (pagtatanim ng sama ng loob) grudge. several. Getting along (pakikisama)> this promotes unanimity and help deal with inferiority sophisticated. On the other hand. This breeds hepotism and becomes to some thing negative once collaborating while gambling and drinking. 4. Gratitude (utang na loob)> it stimulates generosity and used because wedge to make one interact personally in unlawful activities. 5. Pride (amor propio)> can be sensitivity to personal affront set off when a remark or action hits at same highly highly valued attributes. six. Indirect speech> likewise confuses other people. It truly is used to avoid hurt and embarrassment. six. Smooth social relationship(sir)> utilized to avoid or perhaps embarrassing persons it helps to make strangers think welcome. Values that prevent progress


What causes regionalism in the phil cannella. Is the normal geographical division of the country by water and mountain runs. *familism

Makes separation more painful and loneliness getting separated even more narrowing. It holds people back again from position to the fact because it will hurt the family. *colonial mentality

This type of considering breed from the comprise of the meztizos(half-breed) who saw themselves as better than the browned skinned Philippine and therefore, should get something better. *relax lang mentality

Is caused by the concept of period as cyclic rather than thready.

*ningas cogon, wait and find out gratitude

Due to lack of perserverance, lots of projects that have been began never recently been completed. *walang bigayan walang lamangan

This promotes distrust. Covet and jealousy because we cannot agree to that someone else has surpassed us or has been marketed in office. *keeping plan the santoses

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