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Revenue Introduction Letter to New Client


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DearВ Client Name:

Section thanking your client for their interest in the products or services. В Ensure all of them that they have made the right decision by choosing you and give certain details as to the reasons. В

Paragraph describing any materials added with this page. В Identify exciting details about your services and products explaining how the new customer will reap the benefits of them. В

Paragraph conveying promotions or discounts while an incentive to apply your services or products. В

Brief summary paragraph with the contact information just like your contact number, location, organization hours etc . Be certain as to the customers account manager, any kind of toll free amounts, or any various other details that can help ensure the client's ease of communication along. В

Short paragraph guaranteeing the client the dedication to his/her needs and give them any offers to continue to use your products or services. В



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DearВ Recipient Name:

Compelling passage describing what service you will need to offer... В

Paragraph talking about the details of your service and why someone might want the service... В

Paragraph explaining promotions or discounts because an incentive to apply your assistance... В

Brief summary paragraph along with your contact information including your contact number, location, organization hours etc ... В


Your Name

Your Title

Dec 27, 2007

Brad Carling, General Director

Tri-City Chev-Olds

123 Any Street

Anytown OH 12345-9163

Dear Mr. Carling:

Try, pull this amazing little card off the paper.

It's created from plastic. It costs you $2 to acquire. But it's worth the cost of a new car, sold off your lot. This kind of card will probably be worth the life-time value of the loyal customer. In revenue, service, parts, accessories and referrals. And goodwill. And free personal advertising.

Carry it in you palm for a minute, and think of your competition. Consider your revenue desired goals for the next one fourth. Do you need to increase your new and used car sales? Transform your parts & service department revenue? Grow your equipment department revenue? Retain clients after their particular warranty runs out?

This card can help. Big time. 2 weeks . vital element of Sharpe AutoCards, a custom-branded loyalty and gift card plan that creates revenue to your dealership. However, how it works.

Take a look at front side of your greeting card. As you can see, you customize the card to match your dealership's brand graphic and image identity. At this point turn it more than. See that permanent magnetic stripe throughout the back? It stores information about the card's buck value and each transaction.

You hand cards like this to everyone in whose business you need to attract and whose commitment you must retain. Walk ins. Be Backs. Looky-Lous. Current customers. Actually former customers. They all make use of the card to obtain products and services at your auto store only.

You manage the program using a simple card reader addicted to a personal computer at your dealership running software. For a normal auto dealership, the start-up cost of buying the system and operating it for one season is less than $2 per car sold that year.

That is what the credit card does. Here's what it does for you.

Please look at the brochure I have enclosed to get the convincing specifics. You employ the Sharpe AutoCards card to:

1 . Close more revenue by conquering competitors' savings

2 . Improve your service division revenue and repeat organization 3....


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