Essay regarding Stock Markets

The Stock Markets

The main function of the stock exchange is to allow trade in the shares of public businesses, which in turn indicate the performance of th3 companies whose shares happen to be traded in the stock market. Inventory markets are a vital part of the economy or maybe the economic system of the country or nation. Research has shown that a majority of economies around the world, today, will be judged by the performance of their stock market segments. To transact in the stock market, a company needs to be transparent about its basic principles such as income, income, property, liabilities, etc . as it allows the investing public to create fair tests of the company's market worth. " These stock market segments each, get their own listing of requirements” (Hirt & Obstruct, 2012).

The purpose of this daily news is to go over the share listing requirements of the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq for comparison purposes.

The newest York Stock market Listing Requirements

3. a) How various round-lot slots are required to always be listed? The amount of round-lot owners that are essential are 400 U. H. b)What may be the required public share excellent?

The required open public shares excellent are you, 100, 500.

c)Under Substitute #1, what are the earnings requirements to be shown? The earnings requirements to be shown are $12 million combination pre-tax profits for the last three years with a the least $2 , 000, 000 in each of the most recent years or, $12 million aggregate pre-tax salary for the last 3 years with a the least $5 million in the most recent year.

d) What is the standard global industry capitalization need to be shown? The average global market capitalization requirement to be listed can be $475 million. ($500 +$750 +$500 & $150) sama dengan $475 mil


The NASDAQ Listing Requirements

six. a) What pre-tax profits are required?

The pre-tax profits required is an amount that may be more than or perhaps equal to $11 million mixture in previous 3 fiscal years and each of the preceding 3 money...

References: Hirt, G. A., & Prevent, S. W. (2012). Fundamentals of Expense Management (10th ed. ). New York: McGraw Hill Irwin.


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