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Biology investigation: Liver organ and hydrogen peroxide

By Cuong Tran

Abstract: The purpose of this investigation was to determine the optimum temperature to get enzyme activity. The explained hypothesis is that 37oC could be the optimum temperature for lean meats enzymes to break down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. The dependent variable was to gauge the amount of froth being developed, while tests 4 several temperatures with 3 reps each. Out of your 12 trial offers only two outliers had been found and an inclusive ignore of unique and organized errors had been explode to determine the possible triggers. The final results support the hypothesis that 37oC was certainly the optimum temperature for enzyme activity, producing the greatest volume of foam at 44mL.


A great enzyme- catalase chemical reaction is actually a metabolic path responsible for metabolising chemicals in both pets and plants (Greig, March 2002). In mammalian this reaction occurs in the lean meats for removal of toxins, were toxic substances are broken down in the body into benign chemicals pertaining to the body to sustain (Victoria, Australian government, 2011). The response involves a protein enzyme called catalase a natural catalyst that speed up reactions and reduces the account activation energy simply by binding into a biotic or perhaps abiotic material named a substrate (Greig, Oct 2002). The binding process or lock and key unit is if a substrate binds with the lively site from the enzyme, this forms a great enzyme-substrate complicated, usually organised by weakened bonds. (Greig, Oct 2002) The weakened bonds place stress around the substrate, which is the initial energy necessary to start the reaction or perhaps activation energy (Greig, Oct 2002). It breaks down hydrogen peroxide into harmless chemicals water and oxygen (figure 1). The merchandise of the base then go from the effective site from the enzyme, going out of it liberal to catalyse one more substrate while the routine begins once again. (Greig, Oct 2002)

Total balanced formula:

2H2O2 (aq) -� 2H2O(aq) + UNITED KINGDOM (g)

Hydrogen peroxide � water & oxygen

Oxidation: H2O2 --> UNITED KINGDOM + 2H+ + 2e-

Reduction: H2O2 --> 2H+ + 2e- + 2H2O

(figure 1)

H2O2 is naturally produced in the entire body as a transmission for light blood skin cells to strike, pathogens and bacteria. Though a build up of H2O2 (reactant) in the body can also be lethal, eradicating cells and causing hard working liver damage by extreme cases. All mammalians produce H2O2 for the same goal and all is made up of a hard working liver enzyme called a catalase that may be responsible for decomposition of H2O2. The velocity with the decomposition of H2O2 can easily depended on veriest factors, one particular being temperatures. In this investigation the function oxygen utilized to measure the charge of reaction between the catalase and H2O­2. Oxygen is produced in the shape of a gas, combined with detergent the pockets of oxygen produce froth. The amount of air produce depends on different facets, one essential physical factor being temperatures (Greig, March 2002). Because reaction happens in all living organism, mammalian have an the best possible temperature of 35-40oC to get enzyme activity (Greig, April 2002). The best temperature is a certain stage were the collision in the substrate molecules is more frequent, thus is most likely to interact with the energetic site with the enzyme develop more of the result (Greig, March 2002). When the temperature is greater than the optimum, the enzyme proteins denatures, destabilizing the energetic site which makes it hard intended for the base to situation with the chemical (Greig, April 2002). By low temperatures the rate of reaction is significantly slower because of less accident between the base and enzyme, thus fewer by-products. (Greig, Oct 2002)

Aim: To obtain the optimum temperatures for chemical and base reaction between hydrogen peroxide and the liver catalase.

Hypothesis: Because the human being optimum temps for hydrogen peroxide to become broken down simply by liver digestive enzymes is 35-40oC. It is established that the optimum for enzyme activity will be 37oC.




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