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п»їChapter 01

Modern day Project Supervision

Multiple Choice Questions

1 ) В The advent of project management has been many profound inВ A. В Automobile manufacturing

M. В Construction

C. В Information technology

D. В The U. S i9000. Department of Defense

At the. В Film producing

2 . В A professional firm for task management experts is theВ A. В PMI





3. В Which of the subsequent is not considered to be a characteristic of your project? В A. В An established aim

B. В A clear starting and end

C. В Complex tasks

Deb. В Only to get internal make use of

E. В Never been done before

four. В Which from the following actions is not considered task management? В A. В Developing a fresh software program

B. В Designing an area station

C. В Preparing the website for the Olympic Games

D. В Production of automobile four tires

E. В Developing a new promoting program

five. В From among the list of following actions, which is the best example of a project? В A. В Processing insurance claims

W. В Producing cars

C. В Writing a term paper

G. В Completing a school degree

E. В All of such are good samples of projects

6th. В Which of the following restrictions is certainly not typically present in managing jobs? В A. В Time

W. В People

C. В Cost

D. В Performance

Electronic. В Both B and G are not typical constraints

six. В Which of the following options is not one of the stages of any project existence cycle? В A. В Conceptualizing

B. В Defining

C. В Planning

D. В Executing

E. В Delivering

8. В In which from the following periods are task objectives proven, teams formed, and significant responsibilities designated? В A. В Conceptualizing

W. В Defining

C. В Planning

Deb. В Executing

E. В Delivering

being unfaithful. В In which of the pursuing stages can be described as major area of the mental and physical project function performed? В A. В Conceptualizing

B. В Defining

C. В Planning

D. В Executing

E. В Delivering

10. В In which from the following periods are you more likely to find position reports, many changes, and the creation of forecasts? В A. В Conceptualizing

B. В Defining

C. В Planning

D. В Executing

E. В Delivering

11. В Which of the following characteristics can be not normal of a project manager? В A. В Managing a temporary activity

B. В Possesses in-depth specialized knowledge

C. В Managing a non-repetitive activity

D. В Manages independently with the formal organization

E. В Provides a direct connect to the customer

12. В Which of the following selections is not a single one of the driving makes behind the increasing with regard to project supervision? В A. В Compression of the product life pattern

B. В Knowledge explosion

C. В Development of third world and closed economies

D. В More emphasis on the item and less around the customer

E. В Corporate downsizing

13. В Which of the subsequent statements is valid? В

A. В Project supervision is becoming a normal way of working B. В Project management can be increasingly leading to achieving organizational strategies C. В Project supervision is being utilized at a regular percentage of any firm's initiatives D. В Both A and B happen to be true

Electronic. В A, B, and C are all the case

14. В Project management is usually ideally fitted to a business environment requiring all of the following exceptВ A. В Accountability

B. В Flexibility

C. В Innovation

D. В Speed

E. В Repeatability

15. В Which of the following is the primary characteristic that is certainly looked for in management prospects? В A. В Overall cleverness

B. В Works well with others

C. В Experience

D. В Past success

E. В Good references

sixteen. В A prevalent rule of thumb in the world of high-tech application is that a six-month job delay can result in a loss of product earnings share of ___ percent. The waste on failed projects and cost overruns is estimated in the neighborhood ofВ A. В 10

N. В 20

C. В 33

M. В 45

Electronic. В 50

17. В The squander on failed projects and cost overruns is believed in the community ofВ A. В Under hundred buck Million

N. В Over $150 Billon

C. В Under $10,50 Billion

G. В Between $90-$100 Billion

Electronic. В Between $125-$135 Billion

18. В Which from the following is a first step in developing a group of strategies...


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