Essay regarding Safety and Freedom

In the post occurences of the Boston Marathon Bombing, as we mourn along with the groups of those who misplaced loved ones, various politicians already are seizing for the opportunity to politicize this ridiculous act of terrorism.

The smoking had scarcely settled in Boston when Rahm Emanuel was already adoring the use of cameras by government agencies, others started talking about heightened security by public events, and several liberal activists are even making use of the bombing in order to further their particular anti-gun schedule.

Then this other morning as I was watching the Today display, they had a segment in which the " professionals” gave their very own opinions in current incidents and among the events they discussed was your use of video cameras by gov departments to digest criminals. Merely one of the three people inside the group thought that the overuse of digital cameras by government agencies would infringe on each of our civil protections – the other two, one man in particular, stated he was willing to give up his civil protections if it intended keeping his family secure.

I have seen this kind of man prior to and I find out his sights are generous but at what point does a person stop quitting their personal privacy and detrimental liberties to attempt to ensure a small amount of safety? Seeing that September 14, 2001 the American people have been asked to give up a large number of freedoms and conveniences with the intention of safety and to some extent they may have worked nevertheless where do we need to quit and claim enough is sufficient?

With the introduction of the Patriot Take action – Congress was planning to ensure the protection of the American people following 9/11 but also in many ways the Patriot Take action crossed the line and invaded the Constitutional rights and privacy of American citizens.

Today various government agencies can access many methods from our e-mails, to our mobile phone records, and everything between without a search warrant simply because they desire or simply mainly because they want to get our data. Also, with the use of drones, gov departments will now manage to spy on see any...


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