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DUE DATE: 04 23th, 2013

About the organization

An Indian automotive business produces some of the engines it integrates inside its cars. However , some of the engines present overheating problems due to jammings in the water-jacket-passage. This quickly became a top priority pertaining to senior supervision. They realized this a new tremendous impact both in bottom-line revenue and customer satisfaction. Since this was already noticeable for them because customers had repeatedly reported the problem, this kind of also became the most important source of customer unhappiness. A high-power engine of around 1525 HEWLETT PACKARD is composed mainly of tube heads. Electrical power is designed at the bottom surface area of the cyl-head and is afflicted by high heat and vibration during combustion of the engine. The grey cast-iron casting with the head provides inlet paragraphs, intricate water-jacket passages intended for coolant circulation, and exhaust system passages to discharge the burned up fuels. The water jacket is actually a complex verse for normal water circulation surrounding the cylinder, the valve jacks and seating, the burning chamber, and any other hot part that will require cooling. Heat of combustion is conducted through steel walls towards the water in the jacket. The cylinder head is cast by assembling the bottom core, the water-jacket main, the outlet core, and the exhaust primary into one unit. (Antony, Kumar, & Tiwari, 2005) Since the process offering the problem was clearly complicated and the cause of the water-jacket-passage was unknown, the company decided to launch a Six Sigma project to address this issue.


Based upon the DMAIC methodology, the organization looked intended for the definition with the scope and goals to get the task presented beneath. В They were trying to produce a process that delivers improvement in terms of the customer requirements, and so they applied a project rental as the first component to this stage to help the team members understand fully and see the limitations of the project, the objectives, time periods, assets, roles and potential monetary gains. As the company wanted continuous improvements they planned to be sure about the commitment of the team, so when in this first step of the methodology creating a sense of possession was one of many priorities. The project was led simply by:

5. A winner

5. A Dark Belt

5. A process owner

* An environmentally friendly belt

5. Two graduate student engineer trainees.

We were holding focused in answering the questions with what was wrong with the procedure and production and what could be the impact of this kind of problem. By doing so they managed to define the aim of the project that was the " reduction of water-jacket-passage jamming from 0. 194 defects per unit (DPU) to 0. 029 DPU, which should result in an immense reduction in the cost of poor quality (COPQ). ”   (Antony, et  al 2005). Getting into the testing required to find the number of DPU they also concluded that the root trigger letting fine sand to merge and penetrate the material was the porous core. The next diagram reveals where the issue was developing, helping those to conclude those of the 13 locations, site 2, some, 6, almost 8, and doze were more prone to playing. This stage also helped them to deduce that the engine overheating has a very extreme impact causing warranty failures and consumers dissatisfaction. In order to avoid this, that they created a process map (shown below) by which they chose some key processes intended for deeper remark. The following types emerged pertaining to enhancing client satisfaction and minimizing COPQ in the foundry: * Sand preparation

* Core-making process

5. Wash prep and layer.


Based on the process map made during the previous phase, as well as the three key processes selected (sand...

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